Glass block

So I have read some other threads about glass block on the wind mitigation for outside the hvhz. If the house has all the shutters but the glass block, do I put and X in the glass block section and put a note about it is not required to be covered? and if I do put an X would I still mark the A box since the house has all shutters minus the glass block, but there would be an X in the glaze section?

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Let the agent figure it out.

A 1 with a note. I insert my note under the table in red ink.

We were told by Citizens to disregard the glass block (if it is true mortared glass block), and mark it as N/A. I always caption a separate photo of the glass block with “Mortared glass block not required to be protected outside the HVHZ”. I suppose you could mark it as X with a note, but don’t include it in the overall selection.

April with COA, I will be doing a live wind mit class and 4 pt.

For outside the HVHZ:
Mark as not covered, comment not required if you want. Disregard it when marking A.#.

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