Shuttering glass block

Outside of the HVHZ do glass block require shutters for wind mitigation?

No. Outside the HVHZ glass block is not required to be shuttered.


Is that code you are quoting?

If the form asks if there are glass block openings…you answer?

If the form asks if they are protected…you answer?


Shawn is correct. The code outside HVHZ considers glass block to be masonry units. It must be true mortared glass block though.

What do you mark for glass block?

Wind Mit Screenshot.jpg

I mark N/A, but some mark X. Either way, it does not go into the final selection for opening protection.

Mark in the chart, put a note as it is not required and ignore it on the opening protection.

I also include a photo of the opening with the caption “Glass block not required to be protected outside the HVHZ”…that would be my notation.

You’d think that because most of Florida is outside of the HVHZ that they might write the form with that in mind and make HVHZ the exception. So, the common practice throughout the entire non-HVHZ is to interpret the form and not fill in the bottom section reflecting the marked boxes above?

The glass block issue was brought to light after the latest form was created. Citizens is well aware of the discrepancy, and will allow a N/A mark for glass block outside the HVHZ. This is the only component with this unique problem. We had a similar problem with code compliant tile roofs on the last form.

As stated mark N/A.

I guess as long as they are FL approved glass block that has been installed with the reinforcement in between the blocks per the mfg. spec.
New construction permit or remodel permit.

How about if the tile guy or my neighbor installs them?

Thanks everyone for clearing this up.

Commercial building wind mitigation

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That is amazing! I kindly think it needs additional explaining beyond the glass block just being checked on the form.

Correct, I mark A or B if it is an approved shuttered system depending on the rating, or X if it isn’t shuttered.

If it is not shuttered I will note the above, Glass block not required to be protected outside the HVHZ.

What about just ignoring glass block all together as it is masonry and not an opening? N/A on the boxes, ignore it on the opening protection and maybe a pic with “Glass block not required to be protected outside the HVHZ” as a CYA. Or is that going too far?

Don’t ignore it. Observe and report as you see it. Just mark X under glass block, with a notation “Glass block not required to be protected outside the HVHZ” and move on to the next question.

The issue with ignoring it in the chart, is that some agents may not understand when they see the image. They may assume you made an error. By placing in the chart you are acknowledging that it is there and indicating that it does not affect the the outcome.