Irma VS impact windows... and ...

Got my first, firsthand look at how impact rated windows perform during an actual hurricane, amazing and not what I expected … hopefully no other first hand experience beyond this storm. Just checking Google maps for tomorrows inspections and noticed that that there is hurricane damage visible in Google maps in this area.
A HUGE thank you to all of those on every level who are helping here!

Not quite like advertised huh :frowning:

It worked… the outer glazing broke as seen in the photo… the inner glazing did not break (hard to see in person… let alone in photo) . Airborn concrete roof tile was the assailant in this case, I was impressed that the building envelope was not breached at several windows.

Dis=d you get water intrusion from the wind blown rain at any of the windows?

If NOT what kind are they so I can use them for my next project :slight_smile: Glad that they did their job basically and kept the envelope from being breached :slight_smile: My place is a mess too but I am certain we will both get things back in order in due time and am glad we were not in the Keys :slight_smile:

Alot of of wind blown moisture intrusion in this area at windows, doors, ridge and soffit roof vents. Gotta stay on your toes.

Yup people just do not get that the water is coming in regardless what kind of windows they have if windblown :frowning:

It would be a lot worse if standard windows were breached.

If another strike would occur on the same window I suspect that it would breach.