CAHPI and OAHI rank in top inspection-related sites. See them all here...

Getting nervous Nick? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wink:

**18. Rank for 1,943,462.
20. Rank for 2,002,936.
Okay I confess I ran the numbers up, I am responsible for 1,900,401, and 2,000,000 respectively of those hits looking for juicy dirt on the associations.

:mrgreen: :smiley:

The 2 Canadian-only associations did well to get into the top 20.

We have direct or indirect control over 21 of the top 36 with a combined traffic that puts us at a rank around 900 (only 900 sites in the world with more traffic). It really is getting to be planetNACHI.

The top 20? Two up from the bottom? Is the glass half full or half empty? :wink:

I guess a lot of the hits where the members tying to figure out who the exhibitors are at the OAHI/CAHPI conference.
They still have not posted any on the web site .
The exhibitors site has not been upgraded since last year .
Wow! and this is the Organization who thinks they can run the Canadian home Inspection industry.
I guess they can get Home Depot

and Mike Homes at the last minute .
I was told they paid $10,000;00 for him last year .
No wonder they have to charge so much for their conference .
No wonder they are crying about not making much money.
I got an Idea why not get Bill Mullen to come and present his winning platform on how great the Whistler convention was and how much money those who invest in his pipe dreams can if they pass his latest they will get
a NC number that CAHPI will not post on their web site.
Lots of time the conference is 8 weeks away .

… Cookie

2007 Exhibitors Info

Roy, will they let us exhibit? I’ll go.


NACHI is persona non grata with CAHPI-OAHI, there is no way they would ever invite NACHI to have a booth.

They are already in breach of their bylaw, bylaws which the say they uphold! Poppy ****.

to seek and maintain affiliations with, and to co-operate with, other organizations having objects, in whole or in part, the same as or similar to the objects of the Association.

You may want to ask them just what they mean by Objects in hole or in a part, sounds kinda perverted, don’t it? :shock: :mrgreen: :smiley:

NICK I will help you .
I would love to again see some of the many OAHI members who came to the NACHI Toronto conference and they only paid $99;00 for the best Conference ever held in Toronto.
You might get more Information if you call
Michael 709-739-4302
When I offered OAHI and CAHPI a free both at the NACHI conference I even Phoned Mike Guihan and sent him an email confirming our invitation.
No reply.
Bill Mullen Factiously said why should I expect an answer from CAHPI . Invitation should come from some one with authority not a flunky like me .
CAHPI and their members where the ones who suffered.
Thats why NACHI Grows and they do not .
CAHPI does not even have the courtesy to return the offer to NACHI we gave them.
Good Luck NICK, Michael is a great guy, I do like him… Cookie

Actually these are the people you should be contacting.

OK. I’ll have Lisa buy a booth tomorrow morning.

We rank 347,382 and 50,840 in the US :slight_smile:

Dominic Maricic
Home Inspector Pro

That should be interesting. I hope they have a good excuse, and I bet they don’t give you an answer right away, and when and if they do it will be met with no reply.

Anyone want to wager a bet on that one?

They won’t let us in.

Weird, we certainly do our share for inspectors, no?


Clarification please.

Are you saying Lisa called and tried to buy space/booth and CAHPI-OAHI they said no?



a By-law relating generally to the conduct of the affairs of


WHEREAS the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors was constituted a corporation without share capital by Bill
Pr 158, the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994, (the “Act”) for the following objects:

  1. to maintain high professional standards among the members of the Association through education and discipline;

  2. to provide formal training and educational facilities to the members of the Association;

  3. to hold conferences and meetings for the discussion of home inspection standards and practices and for the presentation of papers and lectures;

  4. to collect and disseminate papers, lectures and other information that is useful or interesting to the members of the Association;

  5. to publicize the role of home inspectors in Ontario, and, in particular, to publicize the full range of services offered to consumers in Ontario by home inspectors;

  6. to seek and maintain affiliations with, and to co-operate with, other organizations having objects, in whole or in part, the same as or similar to the objects of the Association.

I am not surprised they have not followed their own Bylaws this centuary . Why should they change now

**… Cookie



Yes, she called everyone and not one would accept our exhibitor application.

Sounds like CAHPI-OAHI is now discriminatory too!

I figured they would not be cooperative. This should be conclusive proof CAHPI who is host is not sincere in treating all as equals. They are only out after NACHI members to take their money to keep the National Certification in the black.


Do you know who Lisa spoke to at OAHI?


It is also disturbing because CMHC is a sponsor of the Conference! CMHC as you know put taxpayers money into the National via CAHPI.

CAHPI is please to recognize the ongoing suport of Canada Mortgage and Housing for our Annual Conference. Please visit their booth in the Exhibit Hall.