Good reception in the attic!

I love sharing some of the more interesting findings…:slight_smile:

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I have had several of those this year…it seems that the local CC&R’s prohibit antennas in several areas.

This was the case years ago when you could not have a large ten foot satelite dish in you back yard.
There was many court cases and I do believe every one was defeated.
they said the home owners association did not have the jurisdiction to discriminate this way.

Have found the occassional small green-house type set ups in attics for Mary Jane.


The small dishes might be going soon as well!

Interesting where did this info come from

Federal law says that we have a right to the PUBLIC airwaves

Thus home owner associations – local gov etc. can not say NO to ant’s - dishes etc.

They can make some regulations as to distance to property line - height - insurance but the big thing is we live in good old USA and we have PUBLIC airwaves


We know,
we love stealing your signals over the border!

So strange far away fields always look greener .
I was talking to a insider at Bell expresview .
One of the Canadian suppliers and he said they figure that about 40% of their units are in the USA.
I do know of at least 6 Americans have Canadian small dishes .
Surprising Many are sight impaired .
I do know four personally. I think I have seen at least 20 in Canada with Dish network dishes TWO this week well doing inspections .
And first for me a person who got a two free to air stations from Persia. When I asked was the Dish getting a signal from India the Lady of the house Brightened up and said what nationality are you and when I said Canadian she was surprised that I would know about that .
She did not know that I am a dish nut .
These are people who have been associated with dishes for many years .
I have two ten foot satelite Dishes and five small dishes .
I also have some Americans who use me as an address so they can get Canadian Reception in the use . It is all paid for .


It’s a long story,but the short of it is that now in some jurisdictions you may not have them in front of the house.They must be in the rear of house max. 6’2" from grade and some apt. complexes will not allow them period.It is a war that has been going on for some time between our Canadian media companies and U.S. counterparts [royalties]

This has always been the apartment rule but I am sure it would loose as before in court on your own home .


In all fairness they do look ugly in front of homes!

Only to some people . Some like 3/4 ton 4*4 4 feet off the ground and others think they are ugly.
Some liked the Gremlin NOW that was Ugly.
Some have garbage every where . Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Did you ever look close at a bull dog . They say that is the best pet you can ever have go to work all day and when you come home he is so stupid he does not even know you where gone .
Life is Great and I love every minute of every day.
Roy Cooke . Royshomeinspection


You do make a good argument!

I understood that we ( Canadians) were going to be allowed to have American service here some time last year. If I remember the case went through the courts and in the end it was decided that theGovernment did not have the right to restrict services on behalf of Bell Canada.

So where is it?

Why Americans would pay for Canadian Satellite service is a real mystery. The dish water they serve up on Expressview is hardly worth paying for. If I was not in an area that restricted me to mainly Canadian television off an antenna, I would not pay for my satellite service. Having just returned from the United States where I watched the real History, T.L.C., Sci-Fi, Discovery, etc. etc. etc. chanels, I can attest to the poor content of Canadian satellite services.

Speaking of antennas in attics, I discovered one in the attic of a ‘centuryhome’ a couple of weeks ago. At some time kids had been playing in the attic and had hung some clothing off several of the antenna elements. I played my flashlight over the attic and slowly turned to find this ‘demon’ hanging just over my shoulder. I believe that there was a leak from the septic system vent in the attic and wrote it up.:shock:


They like the Canadian News they say it is not as filtered as theirs is and they get more world news including the full BBC from the UK. Far away fields always look Greener .
Some of the best TV I ever saw was on the Back feeds that most people do not know exist .
The two most memorable was the Northern Olympics
Games I never new existed between Canada ,USA, and Greenland Eskimos
Char and I watched it no commercials for 14 hours straight . some examples kick a piece a Small piece of seal skin and land on the same foot you kicked the skin . one went almost 8 feet up. They had knuckle walk toes and nickles only ( Try it ) they went many yards around the Gym. Finger wrestling . some very Strong small people could do fantastic stunts . Skin a seal these ladies could put every person south of the Arctic circle to shame in this and how to flesh out a caribou. It was many years ago and it still is run ever year
And the OJ Simpson 30 mile per hour Chase . This was the most comical TV i ever saw and it went on for a long time . To see it from the Helo Copter and listen to the reporter . Things are said Words the would never make it to TV.
Another was a stolen Bus chase 20 minutes . I do not know if this driver had any dirt track experience but I did not know you could put a Grey hound bus into a slide and still control if This guy was a pretty good driver till he went up a dead end street I he destroyed a lot of cars many police cars and the BIG BUS
Roy Cooke

"They like the Canadian News they say it is not as filtered as theirs is "
That is a measure of just how slanted news reportage is in the United States of America! Our news is so slanted to the left wing that I have to put books under the left legs of the tv just to keep the picture level!