Got a letter from ASHI's President today.

Nice Valentine Nick

Like I said, this Brion guy is a class act. Note how the buck stopped with him and he took responsibility for the problem, even though he didn’t cause it. Good fella IMHO.

Good leader…:smiley:

I enjoy seeing professionals acting as such.

I question the intellect of anyone that joins and supports the ASHI Organization.

He may be “a class act” but not likely the sharpest crayon in the box.

Like I said in the beginning and I will say now … all we ever wanted was RECIPROCITY.

For each and every seminar ASHI Requires that we …

  1. Send in a lesson Plan.

  2. Send in a bio of our instructor.

  3. Send in $25.00 per unit / hour of CEU for “Review Fees” then they may or MAY NOT approve our course.

What started all of this mess was that our local New Hampshire ASHI Chapter was charging us / NACHI $150.00 for a course that a vendor was providing to them for free.

To make matters worse they were falsely claiming that this course was “Worth 7-hours of ***NACHI ***CEU’s”.

They/ ASHI became hysterical when we/NACHI demanded that they follow the SAME ASHI policy and procedures that they DEMANDED of NACHI!

This lead Nick to put his foot down and ask the COE Committee to consider “requiring” all of NACHI inspectors who had a dual membership in ASHI to “make a choice” as to which Association that they wanted to belong to.

As we all know it was decided {by Joe Farsetta} that this was a business decision and was not a code of ethics decision. I am happy to say that this “New Hampshire” matter went all the way up the chain of command and we finally got what we were looking for … Reciprocity!

So we have closed the one-way street that has been all ASHI, ASHI, ASHI, since day one!

Hooray for our side!:smiley:

And Nick … Thanks for standing firm on this issue!:stuck_out_tongue:

YOU are what keeps NACHI strong! :nachi::nachi::nachi:

Well said.

How come it’s not addressed to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors?

Something about that “sharpest crayon in the box”? :wink:

Good news!

Funny, I question anyone who is part of Housemaster; afterall, they were proven in court to be liars and cheaters.


Dang. Nachos future must be looking bleak, and going pretty rough,
now even nachos past president that many in the profession consider a honorable man] is resorting to name calling, and discrediting other inspectors that refuse to pay Nickey for membership in his club.:roll: :roll:

Hey, Dan.

Happy New Year, albeit six weeks into it, but, hey, greetings are greetings, right? Hope all is well.

Thanks RR.
Doing great & keeping busy, :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of your efforts. :nachi: :nachi: :nachi:

Tell the ASHI Pres. that those of us in New Hampshire appreciate him “doing the right thing”.!:stuck_out_tongue:


Its seems I owe you an apology for knocking you and your posts and thoughts. I have found out for myself that what you have been persistant in saying all these years is true!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for all of your efforts. :nachi: :nachi: :nachi:

Tell the ASHI Pres. that those of us in New Hampshire appreciate him “doing the right thing”.!:razz:

The comment I wish I had a site like nachi , minus all the BS] to go to when I started out, made to me at ashi’s convention, by a highly respected soft ware vendor says a lot.

Unfortunately some here believe that taking an on line quiz, and promising an individual to do other non verified things , to be marketed to the public as a certified inspector, qualifies member of this org as superior over home inspectors.

When you add in a select few that want power, our profession is dumbed down by instant certifications, a good example, CMI that is clearly determined by the qualifications of the lowest denominator, where the qualificiations are changed according to how long an inspector has been in business, and greed.

Combine the power hungry, and worthless certifications by paying $s is a disgrace to you,me, and all others that demand the most from them selves, and any other HI org we chose to belong to, prior to selling our selves to the public as qualified home inspectors.

Seeing the action taken against you is just another example of a privately owned hi org controlled by one person, and a few hand selected power hungry dictating, opposed to all inspectors getting together, working together, and agreeing on what can benefit all inspectors.

The select few that make it will, and many have already seen that, being the biggest, having the largest amount of members is a joke, when the only way to acheave that is offer free memberships, and fail to delete members that go out of business ,or fail to renew their membership.

Where’s my ASHI buddy,Charley??? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
I’m sure he thinks differently.:twisted:

What’s up Raymond, did you get the boot? :neutral:

Yes by the thugs in the ESOP!
I really didn’t lose my membership because I never paid for it.