Gotta get me one of these.

Nothing says I love you like a heart shaped whirlpool tub. White trash romance at its best.

I take it you had a cabin inspection…:smiley: How was the deck?

The deck was actually not bad. The tons of mold, and poor plumbing was a different story.

Shocker about about the deck! Pathetic plumbing and mold however, go hand in hand with those cabins.

I do like the red…I may need to look in to one.

Just needs a handy condom dispenser within reach and a bottle of boonesfarm.

I prefer the larger, 1 man/3 women hot tubs.

Dude… WTF is in your profile pic??


Tenneesee Pretzel !!! :shock::mrgreen:

Looks canine to me. :smiley:

Its a picture of Wayne WIlson

Funny Guy
At least it is a full healthy S…
Not a little turd.
For all your other fellows Sean real name is Mr.Hankey