Gould ITE Pushmatic Load Center

First pushmatic I’ve yet to inspect.
House built it in 1979.

Are these the same as or related to Bulldog Pushmatic?

Are all Pushmatic load centers considered bad?

, Yes.
Some people do .
I do not and yes you can still buy new breakers.
If the panel looks fine no serious rust or dampness then why be concerned .
If it was a 1979 SQ.D in the same condition what would you say.

Roy Cooke

I’d say it was fine, then.

This panel was very clean and neat.

I’ll call it like I saw it and leave it at that.

Thanks for the reassurance.

Pushmatic/Bulldog/Etc. are quite decent breakers. One nice thing is they are literally bolt on so no problem with spabs going bad or getting loose.
Also they have a very clear “off/on” indication.

With age they can get touchy to reset ofter being turned off or tripped. That is about the only bad thing I can say.

As Roy commented, I would not call them out as any worse than a QO, CH or BR style.