I thought I had read something about ITE Pushamtic panels. Is there anything inherently wrong with them? The only issues I have was in finding the bonding screw or strap, I did not find one, and a double tap (bottom conductors on the right). The house was built in 1967 and was just rehabbed.

Nothing wrong with Pushmatic other than age.
I just did a midrise on Sheridan last week that had them and you can still buy them new now.
Only real issue is they indicate older wiring and often they have full panel that seems to necessitate double taps ,though not in your case.

Bob, did you see a bond?

I don’t know about ITE, but the Bulldog Pushmatics are problematic in my neck of the wood.

They are one and the same, the I-T-E Circuit Breaker Company bought the Bulldog Electric Products Company which through the years was known as the I-T-E Imperial Corp., Gould/I-T-E, & now Siemens .(The I-T-E name was dropped).

P.S. I-T-E made two lines of loadcenters: Pushmatic & EQ Loadcenters.