ITE Pushmatic narrative

Below is the narrative explaining the ITE Pushmatic panel.

ITE Pushmatic
There are safety warnings but conflicting opinions among inspectors and
electricians about these electrical panels under either the Pushmatic™ or
Bulldog™ brand names It is apparent that Pushmatic™ or Bulldog™ brand circuit breakers, use a less reliable trip mechanism (no internal magnetic trip) than that offered by modern equipment.
On this basis and pending further research we consider these products
questionable with conflicting opinions that currently deserve a warning but not a condemnation.


Rust in this box indicates evidence of water intrusion at some point, but no
moisture was present at the time of the inspection.

Your thoughts?

My thoughts are you have already determined there is a problem where none exists by even pushing that comment into the report with no justification.
I would suggest instead that you verbally mention they are hard to update at the panel if there are no spaces left for breakers and that they are more expensive but certainly see no reason to frighten anyone.
They are simply indicative of most likely older wiring which you will look at in the panel anyway and may indicate lack of grounding which you also will be on the lookout for during your inspection.

I would pursue update recommendation based on the property needs.

The buyers*(my clients)* were under the impression this pushmatic style panel was dangerous and asked my opinion. I said I would need to research it. The first narrative is the results of my research.

All of the wiring was recently updated to mainly 12/2 wg.
I was surprised that with all the updated wiring the panel box was not upgraded as well. My conclusion was that the panel box had no rust during the upgrade, which took place about six months ago. Therefore there must have been a moisture issue following the upgrade.

No you should stick with rusted enclosure, outdated and can,t find parts for them as there is not enough info to warrant what you are saying in your report.
Listen to Bob and recommend an upgrade.

In general, these panels are/were very reliable, so I would have to disagree with your overall assessment, not taking into consideration the issues in this particular panel.

The panels are “out dated,” and somewhat obsolete due to the difficulty in finding replacement parts, but (again) in general, they are no less safe than any other type of aged system. The internal “trip mechanism” is different, but this doesn’t necessarily make them less safe. In fact, this allows this type of breaker to be used as a “switch” for turning on and off lights and equipment. Most “magnet type” breakers are not listed for that type of use.

I would address only what can be viewed in your photos, that is, the rust and deterioration to the panel.

My assessments were actually exerts*(verbatim)* from pages I googled during my research. Pros, cons, experience, opinions, etc…

Great narrative, easy to understand without being alarming. I can work with this experienced information.
Thanks Jeffrey

Some of that narrative has I would take out but it is a good one to build on.

Please share what you would say.

Kevin haven’t you been advised, for your own good and also the publics, to only read and learn in the electrical thread; and Not post anything?

I have one in my house. Works great no problems with it. Yes, it is old but it works. Replacement breakers are available at anywhere from 1-2 bucks an amp.

Nice to here imput from you C Lambert. I see we have something in common.

I came across one today that was double taped, cracked breakers, no main disconnect, no front panel door and 2 feet from the shower in a bathroom

Picture please! I would love to see this one put on defects for Aug.

here it is