Grandfather Procedures for Ohio Home Inspector Licenses

I am so busy doing home inspections that I cannot keep up with the information on the licensing requirements in Ohio. Maybe I’m just lazy, but one of the requirements for getting grandfathered in is to have five home inspections submitted and reviewed by an organization like InterNachi. I have four completed before the April 1 passing of the law. Can I submit one more to meet this requirement? I have thousands of inspections and have written thousands of reports over the last 6.5 years on the job. I work for a franchise, so I know the inspection software is acceptable. Also, does each inspector need to be insured or do we fall under the company’s insurance? Is there anyone to talk to in Columbus? I will check back in between inspections for any help. Thanks to all.

Mike Helton
HomeTeam of Southern, Ohio

Mike, call the Ohio Department of Real Estate at 614-644-4100 . They can answer your questions.

You should be good, you only need to “qualify” for 3 of the requirements. I originally thought the 5 reports as well, just like you, but then I realized I didn’t even need it.