License Requirements for New HIs

I have read Ohio Revised code 4764 pertaining to the license application requirements for a new Home Inspector. I also understand the grandfathered requirements. I have yet to see a license application for a new HI, only grandfathered. Does this mean the requirements for new HIs could possibly change? I would like to start a second career in the industry. Just having a hard time understanding the full requirements for new HIs. InterNACHI has the license requirement listed for Ohio as the grandfathered requirements, which all needed to be done prior to April 5, 2019. Am I interpreting this correctly?

Requirements of this provision include:

1. An applicant provides proof of maintaining or being covered by a comprehensive or commercial general liability insurance policy;

2. Understands an applicant can be subject to discipline by the Ohio Home Inspector Board and agrees to comply with all rules adopted by the Board;

3. Completes a criminal history check;

4. Completes a license application and provides proof by signed affidavit that an applicant has met three of the following eight requirements prior to April 5, 2019;

Completed at least 200 home inspections for compensation from clients;

Successfully passed a national home inspector examination within two years from the date an application is submitted to the Division;

Actively operated a home inspection business in Ohio for three years;

Was employed as a home inspector with a home inspector business for 36 consecutive months;

Successfully completed 80 hours of home inspector education;

Currently maintains an active home inspector license in a jurisdiction where the requirements to obtain that license are substantially similar to Ohio’s home inspector license requirements;

Prepared at least five home inspection reports that have been verified as being compliant with standards adopted by a national home inspector organization;

Completed at least one peer review session conducted by a national home inspector organization within one year prior to April 5, 2019.

If you have questions, please contact the Division at 614-644-4100 or

Thanks for the info Joseph. For experienced HIs that fits, but in my case I have no prior experience.

you just need to have 3 of the 8 requirements.