Great Customer Service

Just wanted to give a shout out to E-inspections on their wonderful customer service. From time to time I find “opportunities for improvement” and the stuff gets fixed fast (usually in 24 hours or less). None of the issues were real critical over the past year (which is good) but Chris Schuld always has a calm demeanor and knows exactly how to fix the problem.

Thank you to all at E-inspections for your wonderful service.

For you inspectors that are considering a change or are looking to upgrade your software package you can check them out at

Steven, it is good to hear that einspections takes good care of their customers. I, and several others that post here are always touting Home Inspector Pro and the unmatched service that Dominic Maricic gives all of us. The real kicker is all of the benefits of HIP comes at a little more than half of the price of einspections.

We have two offices in Florida and did a lot of research about upgrading our reporting and websites. Just about 1 year ago we switched over to HIP and Dominic from just meeting him once in Las Vegas. He is energetic about his own company and can be reached at any time literally. I don’t know that there is a better reporting program available at the price that he offers it at.

Everyone should check it out and see. You may change just like us.

Inspection Support which makes eInspections and the Inspection Support Network is run by a great group of guys (I talk to Chris almost daily), and they offer tech support and a product at the level that we do. Because of that, we’re actually partnering with them right now so that all their Inspection Support Network products integrate with our software and website hosting. The work is about 95% done, we’re just putting the finishing touches on.

I think it is great that vendors that find common ground can work together. This only enhances the productivity of the inspectors that each firm serves. Hats off to Einspections and HIP!