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(Bill C. Merrell, CMI) #1

We want to wish every a Happy New Year-
New York has a new law on the books, and the law is reasonable
and achievable- 100 inspections and the NACHI on line exam (before 12-31-05) and file- The State web site also states that they will still accept the NACHI exam after 1-1-06, as long as it was taken prior-

We will see how long before that changes.

Our January class is now filled- Our March 2006 (We are planning 8 complete programs this year between January and November 2006 to select from) class is still available- We are accepting a waiting list for January's class if we have a cancellation- also if you need module 5, I have made arrangements with 2 Licensed Home Inspectors, Patsy Maietta and len Ungar to assist me in this for the benefit of NACHI members.

Program web site:

Cost comparison which was priced to benefit NACHI members who need the education- A fair price is not unreasonable- it is the only way to do business:

Happy New Year-

I love the new message Board- Hope that it works and is as easy to navigate as the prior one- Happy New Year 2005!

(jneser) #2

Hi Bill,

We spoke about module 5. I would like to schedule something with either Len and/or Patsy as soon as possible so I can continue. Also, you stated that the NACHI exam is still good enough for licensing. I was under the impression that I would have to take the state exam. What do you think?

Jon Neser
White Glove Inspections
845 350 1012
914 393 6088 cell

(Bill C. Merrell, CMI) #3

The state still lists NACHI as an approved exam if taken and passes before 12-31-05. Call 518-474-442 to confirm this- they will be in tomorrow- Get the persons name and keep a file for it- Call me regarding any module desire- I don't discuss registering on a message board, so e-mail or call me.

Happy New year- Here's to you getting licensed asap