Great newby info

Hello, being new, I’m not sure if this has been posted before or not.

I am taking a series of solar design classes and one of the course materials for the next class is called:

Code Check Electrical 4th Ed - an illustrated guide to wiring a safe house

It is updated to NEC 2005. It has lots of easy to read diagrams showing required GFCI’s, service drop clearances, etc… I looked around on amazon and there is several of these for various parts of buildings/mechanical systems. Though we’re not doing an inspection to confirm code, I think all new inspectors should pick a couple of these up to cover the important SOP items that these books cover.

Yes…those are a must own for any home inspector.

Home Depot carries those akso.

I have the full set also.
They were recommended by the folks at ITA, during my training last year.

\:D/ Menards carries these books at the always 11% off suggested price. I picked them up when they had one of their 15% off anything that fits in the bag sale. That got the price down quite well. Just check the edition to make sure each one is up to current codes that are in use.