Green Box Problem

Everytime I try to give anyone a green box, it will not
let me do it. I cleaned out my cache and that did not
help. It says I have to spread some reputation around.
I have not been able to give anyone a box for a long
time. I am using Firefox browser.

Its been like that for weeks … Whats up?

It’s doing that to me also.

You both must give out the red boxes you’ve been thinking about before the “system” will let you consider green boxes. I believe Chris incorporated an “honesty” aspect into the reputation system. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’ll be darn… I tried your advise and gave you a red box…
and it worked!!!

Maybe you fixed the problem… thanks. :mrgreen:

I’ll go back later and give you a green box when it will let me.

AAaaHHhh $hit! I think you’ve done gone and created a monster! :smiley:

OK, what little red boxes

In the upper right hand corner of each post is a star symbol.
Click on it and it will give you a chance to add or subtract
to a persons reputation (green=add red=subtract).

I am sorry there must be some mistake, All I give out are green boxes And the system is working fine;-)

You fooler, Frank. :smiley: I checked with Chris and he said we need to add symbolism to the rep. system now too. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I just left this in your “reputation box”.

One “Greenie” for you. See I Wasn’t Joking! Signed, Frank Carrio

Ah, you’re a good sport, Frank.

I was thinking that clicking on the reputation star isn’t the only way to give out a red box. :wink:

Thanks for the greenie.:smiley:

John it is because you and Frank have not given me a green box. I give out a lot but never get very many in return;)

I just gave you a greeny.

I just left you this message on the"reputation box"

HI Gary! :smiley:
When I try to give you more than one Green Box it states that I have to “spread the reputation around” before I can give it to you again.

I guess the interval has been long enough so here you go!:stuck_out_tongue:

Warmest regards, Frank Carrio:D

Hi John,
I just gave you a “Greenie”. You certainly deserve it. I have really enjoyed your “common sense” approach to some very contentious matters. I appreciate your mature insight and feedback even under stress.
Keep up the good work!

Warmest regards, Frank

Thanks Frank.