The Reputation System.

Hello everyone,

Just curious, does anyone really use, or value, the Reputation system? I get ‘grey’ blank comments now and then. Is this ‘helpful’?

Just asking…


I think after a few more votes, I will be eligible for
a “Target Store” shopping coupon.

What do you think of tdietrich1’s post?I approve extremly helpful bkelly2
I disapprove
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I thought the CMI’s were handing they out with inspections?


Here comes a red one BK…:smiley:

I think it is completely useless. The original intent was to find a way to limit/ban probelm posters. Problem posts continue and are moved/banned without any realtionship to this system.

It does not serve its intended purpose, and it has caused quite a few problems between members. All for no good reason. It should go the way of Inspectors Quarterly.

I find your post somewhat problematic Sir. alas, as there is no Somwhat Problematic Icon I can bestow on you, my hand is forced in this matter, and I will give you a green square.

I know…:frowning: I know…:frowning:

I wish we were handing out girl scout cookies,
at least I would have something to eat along the way…