Ground Wire in Insulated Wall Cavity

Hello All,

My question is about routing a ground wire through an exterior wall cavity containing fiberglass insulation. Would there be any overheating concerns even though the wire typically doesn’t carry much current? The ground is for a roof top solar panel and the mfg. specs an 8 gauge wire. Thanks much.

Grounding electrode conductors carry little to no current during normal operation and there is not problem with running them embedded in insulation. Really they should carry zero current during normal operation but they can end up carrying some neutral current when you have a metal water piping system that is shared by two or more structures.

Thanks Robert, I didn’t think it would be an issue.
Are you in Jersey? I’m in Warren Co. Have about 4" so far & still snowing. Not a good day for roof inspections. Don’t see many posts from Jersey inspectors.

Yes, I’m over in Northeastern Bergen county, got about 2" of snow today.