ground wires

Saw this yesterday in a home. The seller is arguing with me that this is correct. I told him that this is the same as putting 3 ground wires under one lug. Did I make a mistake or ami I right, and if I am right, is there a code citation to back this up.

Looks like it’s probably okay to me. Messy, but probably okay.


Glad to see you are up late

If two wires cannot be put under one lug (this is an FPE box) how can they be spliced (pgitailed) together. Doesnt make sense to me.

They can if that’s how the terminal listed. There are components listed for multiple conductors, and wire nuts are one of those components. . .

The main requirement for EGCs is the smallest wire in the path must be sized to protect against the current presented by the biggest overcurrent device it is protecting. You are allowed to bundle them if a listed splicing device is used. Legal and pretty are two different things. I agree the appropriate supplimental grounding bus is a better way to go.