Grounding for TV Cable

Found this today…the TV Coax Cable seems to be grounded to the AC outside disconnect box…is the an acceptable practice?

Yes I used them all the time however over the last several years some companies have banned them possibly due to them becoming loose or not fully grounding through the painted housing.
grounding to the mast is considered best practice.

For purpose of a Home Inspection it is not needed to coment, however i would check exterior wall entrance of the RG 6 coaxial cable to make sure they used both a plastic sleeve and silicone.
Make double sure they used a drip loop to insure the water does not follow the cable when it rains.

Also make sure the ground wire is shorter than the distance to the nearest TV set or devise hooked up to the cable.


What about a TV antenna? I had one yesterday that had a ground wire running from the antenna, down the side of the house and connected to a dedicated ground rod. (The electrical panel was grounded to the water line in the basement.)

That used to be allowed Mark, though last time I was into that field they were changing because of the issue with 2 separate grounds.

Cable companies used to dig their own ground rods when the cable entrance was on the other side of the house from the meter.

I believe now in days they are instructed to run the coaxial entrance to where ever the meter is.

Same should apply to a roof antennae.

I didn’t call it out as being wrong or even right. I had just gotten done looking for a ground connection at the meter, walked 10 feet further down the side of the house and found this. I thought it was kind of strange. It was an older home.

Good catch ,as that stuff is easy to miss while you are busy looking for the other exterior issues.

Side Note: I am not aware of when this would be allowed. NEC 800.100(B) clearly says where that “grounding conductor” must terminate. If lightning were to strike that set up, the method and point they have connected too would be pointless. Surface arcing would probably cause more problems than grounding it would actually fix…just my opinion.

Now guys…I am not saying call it out…just that it is not right…BUT if you want to do them a favor and possibly save them some money in the long run, tell them to take it off the disconnect and take it over to the meter or metal service conduit if one is available or one of the other allowable locatons in 800.100(B)(2)