Group Health Insurance For Internachi members in Florida

Does anyone know if Group Health Insurance is available through Nachi for Florida Inspectors??

Contact Zoe. She is working on that.

That idea has been bounching around for years. It would be nice if it happens.

We looked at it and could not pull it off. I hope someone else has better luck.

You could consider going with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) - That method would allow for group insurance as well as other benefits (like a 401k plan). Look at a web-site called to learn more about this type of organization.

I have been testing a plan for our inspectors. He have been able to get Health First Coverage for inspectors which is a good health option in Florida.

The difficult part is that essentially the inspector becomes an employee and we carry the E&O, workers comp, unemployment, and 1/2 the health insurance. The inspectors in our network do have this option but until we find a way to limit our unemployment liability its tough to add additional inspectors who we are not keeping busy.

I am definately opening to talking about this and sharing what I have figured out.