The idiots are at it agian

Had a nice inspection scheduled for tomorrow. Small house with 4 point and wind mit for $450.00. Told the lady she would need to have permit proof for the roof and shutters on hand for the wind mit. She calls me back and tells me that her agent has someone that will do both of them for $125 including getting copies of the permits. I told her to go ahead and use her guy - no way am I going to do that for her. What are these guys thinking?

I can guarantee you this. I will ask to see credentials tomorrow from this guy and my inspection will show every single defect I can find. I will also report this bozo if he is doing it wrong. My problem is - who would I report him to at Citizens?? Anyone have a name with contact information?

I feel for you. You had a nice job going at a fair price. I believe what we are going to see from Citizens during and after the wind mit reinspects, is that many of the contractors that did incorrect wind mits for them will not be on their approved list. Eventually they will stop doing these inspections when Citizens returns every one of them for non conformance issues, and they get calls from unhappy clients seeking refunds. It may take time, but the end result might improve the pricing wars situation. Eventually, Citizens will probably realize that they need to have their own training program that qualifies individuals to do their inspections. Its to their advantage, just look at how much they save by not having to give the discounts. I don’t have the numbers in front of me – but my memory recalls something along the lines of $375,000 in premium increases out of the 600 or so reinspects that Inspection Depot did for them. Something like 60% of the policies were increased, which means that 60 % of the wind mits were in error. Heck, its to there advantage to check and reinspect every wind mit from now on. Maybe they already have some sort of training program that I am not aware of.

Dennis P. Quigley
HomeSpector, LLC

"Small house with 4 point and wind mit for $450.00"

Was that a Full Home Inspection with 4 point and wind mit, or just the cost of the two insurance inspections?

I did one last week a 4/2 for $450

They wanted a home inspection, 4 point and Wind Mit. I even told them I did not think they needed the 4 point because the house was from the late 70’s but they insisted so I obliged. Happy Day.

Competitor of mine does wind and 4pt for 75$ and gives 5$ to each agent. And they are nachi member- you know who you are!

huh, what does he drive a scooter?

Maybe NACHI should change their requirements for membership to include doing wind mits and 4 pts at reasonable prices. Wait a minute, I take that back, that would be considered price fixing.

Same things going on here in Brevard, it’s a shame.

Hi Bill,

Thank is incredible, but mark my words, if you can hang in there for a couple years after Licensing takes affect the herd will thin, very thin.

I haven’t kept up with the contractors being able to do inspections and the work, if that is the case I’d move.

If that is the case then you should report the agents to the Board. That can be easy grounds for licensed revolke.

Cash back? I know realtors are cannot do this legally. What is the law regarding insurance agents? It does not sound right.

Hey Bill from Arizona,

Technically, a contractors are one of the few groups capable of performing the Wind Portion those inspections. Home Inspectors are not permitted without specific permission from specific agents. It’s those contractor creditials that will wants to evaluate.

In addition, the Grandfathering clause is so weak in Florida. The only result was to flood NACHI with new members.

I seriously doubt there will be any thinning of the herd.

It looks all grandfathering provisions must have been in place by Today! That means anyone who does not meet the requirements now will need to go through regular procedure.
If the qualified for grandfathering today you have till march to apply.

"I can guarantee you this. I will ask to see credentials tomorrow from this guy and my inspection will show every single defect I can find. I will also report this bozo if he is doing it wrong. My problem is - who would I report him to at Citizens?? Anyone have a name with contact information? "

If he’s a NACHI member using someone elses license fraudulently, Don’t report him here…

Meeker says a NACHI guy reused an early Wind Mit with his signature on it.

If true, it’s a serious ethics issue.

NACHI refuse to look in to it. Joe from the ESOP commitee, says he lacks evidence and he doesn’t understand the problem.

Yet, the evidence Meeker posted looks pretty obvious to me. At least enough to investigate.

We should all be very concerned about this.

Unfortunately I did not get to meet this super inspector today. He is going tomorrow morning at 10 and it not worth my time to drive back up. I can tell you this though. He will pass the electrical box, even though it is a converted fuse box to a breaker panel. His chances of getting caught are slim. I hope he enjoys being able to fill up his truck twice with his winnings.

Give a call to your client and explain you need to retake a few of your photos and then stop by about…oh lets say 10 am.
The satisfaction might make it worth the trip!

How in hell do you convert a fuse box to accept breakers? Field modification of any electrical device voids the UL listing. (that is aside from knockouts and as per the manufacturers instructions). Seems like it would be easier and cheaper to just go buy new.


I see it all the time. They just remove the fuses and bus bar in the panel and replace it with anything that will fit. The cover panel is then screwed into the wall. Probably costs them about $600.00, so they save anywhere from $600.00 to $800.00 on a replacement.

but you can get a panel with main and 5 breaker for under $200.00, oopps you did say idiots didn’t you:D

They actually make breakers that look like fuses. You just replace them, and the little button pops if tripped.

We’ve gotten requests for Four Points on houses built in the early 1990’2.
I have no idea why -
I just schedule them and comply.

Look Mike - I’m a poet and didn’t know it…