Guess the defect

Did an inspection, this morning. 1 1/2 story older ranch house (attic converted, basement finished) originally built in 1950s and remodeled in 2005.

Say this on the wooden floor between the kitchen area and the living room



Can Lights.
Must be a split ranch.

Failure to cover and seal old floor register

Badly sealed ductwork would be my guess from these shots.

Would agree with duct-work also

I’d go with duct work. Fill us in Will, are we close?

Bob was the closest, but it is not a split level, as my original post stated. It is a 1.5 story house, with a finished basement and a finished attic area. The pictures were taken of the 1st level floor.

BTW: Circulating boiler with a space pack in the attic area.

Lights above drop ceiling in basement?

Close enough.

The basement was finished (drywall ceilings) with can lights, but every can light had a regular light bulb, not the required reflector type bulbs.

This is a fire hazard, or can be, depending on the wattage of the bulbs. These were 50 wat bulbs.

I have seen the white plastic sleeve type melt when the developer put in the incandescent s.
Looks like one had a higher wattage .

I know about space packs as they are popular in the burbs but that is venting,so could you explain the boiler rather than furnace.