Guess The Defect

Hint, meow…

Not enough room to safely access the panel or fried cat in the panel with the dead front off

Concentrate on the door and not on the electrical panel.

See plenty panels in closets.
Would not assume closet from the picture however.

It’s a solid door. Does it go into a garage?

That would be a problem :slight_smile:

Cat in the hat?

Door is installed upside down.

That opening use to be the cat door.

I imagine the knob was pretty high.

Close enough.

They removed the door, made the hole for the cat door and reinstall the door only to realize they made the hole at the top of the door.

So they made another hole at the bottom and covered the upper hole with a hat…

My hat is off to you!

Lol that’s not a defect

Waste of time here yet again.

It is too a defect! Just think of the structural integrity of that door being compromised on the top and bottom.That door is going to collapse some day and injure the cat. LOL

I stand corrected :wink:

I still see no problem with that. :smiley:

So close… :slight_smile:

This is why doctors put marks on people’s body before surgery so they don’t hack out the wrong component. Apparently it works for door too. :wink:

Good one Christopher!

Actually, it’s not a solid door, just corrugated cardboard.

Pictures could be deceiving…

Sorry that I wasted your time Bob!

The idea of this exercise was to look at objects out of place, that don’t appear normal/regular.

Sellers will be resourceful to hide defects and we should do our best to find them.

This one was minor, but the next one could be major!

We all can relate to the picture frame hiding trick and now we can add doors to the take a closer look next time. If it does not look right it most likely is wrong.