Radon Mitigation Exterior Vent

I recently inspected a home with a radon mitigation system installed. The exterior vent was constructed of a downspout turned upside down. The downspout was not flush with the vent at the time of the site inspection. The vent was also installed in the window well converted to an emergency egress.

Has anyone else seen the exterior vent be constructed of downspout material? I typically see them constructed of PVC.

Any insights will be greatly appreciated.



Downspout material has been done in the past but here in Ohio, is no longer accepted by the Ohio Dept of Health. Check with your states regulations (if you have any ;-))

It is an excepted method, by many factors come in to play, weather and sound are the main ones, depending on the type of construction gutters actually match the house well if installed correctly. (some states may not allow it though) But Colorado does allow it, we trained there.

See many of these in PA where this type installation is approved…