Gutter Install

Hey Guys-

Would you call out this gutter install? It seems to avoid the molding they just dropped the gutter down below it. Is that okay? Thanks.


I wouldn’t call it out as defective. Perhaps recommend preventative maintenance.

Hey Michael-

What do you mean by preventative maintenance?

They will probably never think to paint that trim piece if they cant see it. Maybe a piece of white flashing as a backer.

In pic. 2 the drip edge is installed wrong.

From the pictures, the drip edge is installed wrong as mentioned and the moulding appears to be decayed and missing a piece.
Also, the pitch of the roof and the edge of the gutter, appears like the water will overshoot the gutter.
The moulding should have been removed, the fascia board painted and the gutter raised up to catch the seamless gutter properly.

Recommend that it be repaired so the functionality of the intent can be fulfilled. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, that was kind of what I was thinking.