Upgrade for Flir E-6

Does anyone know someone who can make the 320 x 240 IR imager in my Flir E-6 work as it should with 320 x 240 images?

The E6 is limited to 160x120 by the Firmware. In order to use the camera as an E8, the firmware must be hacked. Regardless of what anyone says, ALL versions of the firmware are hackable. It is just a matter of finding someone to do that. I bought the E4 already fully hacked through Ebay. Works great. Yeah, no warranty but I could have bought 3 of the hacked versions for the price of an E8. If you are looking for someone to hack it for you, I suggest you contact some of the sellers on Ebay.

I did mine. Pretty easy actually. I found a forum with hundreds of posts regarding it and spent a few days researching. I will try and link to it tomorrow.


Found a guy.

What is your version number?
You can only hack 1.19.8 or lower.

I thought you guys were ethical business men I see different now. The word Hack does not fit my business plan:roll::roll:

But you find a company that uses software to lock down hardware so they can sell it at different price points ethical?

I purchased hardware and am going to use it to its full potential. I actually had a camera that the factory unlocked themselves. It had a menu at bootup that allowed me to select what model of camera it should act as.

Then you don’t understand what HACK means.
And probably not smart enough to do it anyway.:smiley:
It is my camera and I can do whatever I please with it.
We are talking about upgrading the software anyway.

Difficult for me to admit this, but I <<cough, cough>> agree with Charlie. :razz:

It is no more different than changing the operating system on your computer.
Same thing.

No, it’s not.
That’s like going to McDonalds, ordering a regular cheeseburger, and taking a Quarter Pounder instead!
Flir originally charged for a E-6… you ‘stole’ the upgrade to an E-8.

That’s not true.
You and Charles are just to dimwitted to understand.:smiley:
It is just changing the software.
Let’s put it this way.
For example …
I own two Ford trucks. One has a better motor.
I take that better motor and put it in the other truck…
Have I screwed Ford? No!
They are both my trucks and I can do as I please with them.

So if you buy a truck without a hitch and add a hitch your unethical :roll:

Then why isn’t it called an “Upgrade” instead of a “Hack”?

You are right though; larceny must show possession. If you didn’t steal the upgrade from Flir, they never had possession. You just loose all support and service on the camera through Flir.

Some of us clamped on digital cameras and lasers ot the old BCams. Mfg. also added them later. Who stole from who?

It is an upgrade.
Hack is incorrect in this circumstance.
I retract HACK…:smiley:

Not true. All versions can be hacked if you have the skills.

Talk about dimwitted!
You own both trucks!
Did you purchase both cameras? NO! You did not purchase the E-8 so you do not own the “engine” that you are swapping with!!
Theft by CMI!!

The question is… did you pay for the hitch, or STEAL it ?!?

I paid for it. The e8 in my e6 turns on from time to time. I just want to turn it on permanently. For what it is worth I tried to do this through Flir first and they wanted to sell me an e8.