Haha Homeowner afraid of washing machine drain overflowing?

Thought this was funny :crazy_face:
4" line at the top, reduced to 2" at bottom. Looks like a cannon!

It’s possible the current owner had issues with the drain so to remedy they upped to 4inch to increase the buffer. Or maybe dumping more than a single washer drain into it. You never know what crazy things people do.


Yep, I had mentioned that too, good observation

That is a ridiculous standpipe! Do you guys not require seismic straps in Florida?

Is Florida known for earthquakes?

Arthur: This new learning amazes me Sir Bedevere. Explain to me again how sheep’s bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes.

Nothing has seismic straps

OK - I get it…kind of a lame question! Having lived on the West Coast all of my life, it just seems naked without them! I did not think that one through. And Michael - Great Movie capture to put it all into perspective! Very laughable!

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1/2” copper is supplying the entire home with hot water.


Great planning, eh Martin? NOT! :roll_eyes:

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Yup Larry they have that nice 3/4” pipe feeding the water heater and than reduce to 1/2”.

Actually, it was reduced to 1/2", than back to 3/4 before entering the wall… :man_facepalming:
Hey Bubba! Got any 3/4"? Nope, just 1/2… OK, that’ll do!
You could tell too with the two master sinks on simultaneously. (And this was a 3 bath house)
AND the tpr was reduced to 1/2 before it disappeared into the wall… couldn’t find a discharge


I didn’t notice the 1/2” TPR discharge pipe…nice.

If people use too much soap, or there is some anomaly, the soap suds can actually back up the discharge water. Good comment.