I am considering switching from my outdated windows based hand held. Can anybody offer any sugguestions, I guess an Android operating system would be preferred.

Home Inspector Pro has officially released Home Inspector Pro 3.2 for Windows (Mac update will be released shortly) and along with it, Mobile HIP for Android. You can download the long awaited Mobile HIP from your Android tablet or phone by going to Google Play and search for Home Inspector Pro. Go to http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/Home-Inspector-Pro/an-overview-of-hip-mobile-android-home-inspector-software.html to watch a video on how easy HIP Mobile is to use.

Go for it. You can’t beat Dom’s programming and customer service.

I had used an Ipaq 211 with Home Gauge for about 3 years. recently switched to a Samsung Note with HG Companion. The switch is easy since you’ve been using a PDA.

What current handheld are you using and reporting system ? There are still windows based hand held devices that are being made that in my opinion are still better then the current androids and iPhone/iPad devices. Here is one of them:


Why better ? Better handwriting recognition, more rugged, easily fits in your pocket, can read inside and outside in sunlight with no problem, stylus interface, no need to change current software, no need for a cloud, can print a summary report directly from the device in the field. They are around $500. Does this mean that the androids and iPhone/iPads will be a better choice in the future ?.. probably…just not yet in my opinion.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 2 devices in your opinion ? Were you using the handwriting recognition on the iPaq ?

The ability to add photos to the report as I am doing the inspection instead of afterwards saves up to an hour. It now takes as little as 10 minutes to complete/proofread the report before sending it off to the client. I couldn’t do that with the PDA.

I have been using a Samsung Omni. It use to be my phone, now I only use it as a PDA.

3D with an adroid device or Windows phone

Jeff, when you say no need to change current software, do you mean they run windows based programs as a desktop would run them?



That was the software’s limitations then. You can with ours on a PDA and have done it for over 5 years.

No…I was referring to software that currently runs on a PocketPC that may not be supported on a smartphone.

Oh okay thanks. I was just curious. Those SOHO’s look pretty good. And small and practical to carry in the field.


Just get a tablet Humberto, they are pretty well priced now (except ipad) I have an Acer iconia tablet a500 and love it. You can buy it new for 300 bucks. Android is the way to go, its open source so many you can really harness the nerd power out there.