Hanging Conduit

This was for the electrical for the AC unit. It ran 12ft along a wall about 7ft off the floor, suspended from the joists. I would like to see it permanently fixed to the wall but is there a reference or written guide for this type of thing?

It needs to be better supported then it is . yes fastened to the wall is best.

Cheers. It is obvious, I wonder now why i even asked…

You showed others how conduit should not be installed ,
Good move in my opinion .


Secure in place within 3 ft. of termination __________ [3802.1] {344.30A}
Horizontal support spacing max 10 ft. _____________ [3802.1] {344.30B}

Here’s the NEC section. It’s up to the AHJ to determine whether or not the installation meets the intent of the code. IMO what’s in your photo does not.