Happy 4-20 everyone.

And Happy Easter too.

Happy Easter Nick

Same to you and go Colorado for its forward thinking.

I don’t partake, but I’m all for states reminding the federal government that they have no jurisdiction over us.

I don’t partake either but I promised my wife if we go to Colorado we will smoke a bowl in the first park we see.
No different than drinking a beer.

Beer kills (huge killer actually). Weed doesn’t.

Aside from that though, I’m just proud of my state for telling the Feds to go back home to D.C. where they belong.

Puff…puff… I wish!

Ah, the olden days!

back @ ya…

Happy Easter. If I can ever get to Colorado, I have been told to ask for a tour guide by the name of: Mary Jane. I was sent this picture below of her and some cool looking flower that I should be looking for outside of Denver. I don’t partake either. Just saying this lady Mary Jane appears to be a very friendly lady, not too hard on the eyes, who knows her way around Colorado.

I never inhale…:-;;(8’)

Then why do it?

Keep in mind that it is legal to smoke in private, it is not legal to smoke in public. When you see the mass smoke events on the news the police usually just let it go because of so many people doing it.