Happy 04-20 from an Old Hippie.

It feels pretty good to be alive on such a beautiful day. May peace and love surround you and fill you with all the good things, that come your way today. I’m going to “pass” on letting things get to me today. I will just be like “DUDE” are you for real man? :cool:

Every day is 4-20 in Colorado. Weed is legal here.

We had a small celebration about that, just close family and friends.

Uncle Nick, could you mail me some pretty please? :wink:

I had considered relocating to Colorado for several reasons, the fact that I could legally have one of the best medicines out there, was just icing on the cake. I made a list of states to start my Home Inspection business over again. The list consisted of:
Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Colorado.

I want out of this part of Virginia. Troy, Juan and Brad, have control over the rest of Virginia. There is nothing but trouble, where I currently reside so Virginia, is out of the question.

North Carolina, seemed like it would make perfect sense but I have decided against it, as well as, Georgia and Texas.

That left Colorado and Florida, as my top two picks. A month ago, a Home Inspector was hiring in the Denver Colorado area. I was fixing to call him and send him a resume, but something stopped me that night. A friend of mine (an InterNACHI member in Florida called me). This inspector believes in me and has motivated me to no end.

I haven’t completely crossed of Colorado, it’s still an option.

Florida, seems to be the state to be. I finally realize that I am not in my 20’s anymore. I lived in Southeast Florida and I am ready to return and start performing inspections there. Whether I work for myself or someone else.

todays lucky prize winner is: …