Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a happy Easter.

The same to you and yours, Dave. Happy Easter! :slight_smile:

Happy Easter Dave.

Happy easter !!!

Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone’s day is a fantastic!

Great day here hope every one else has the same all the Best Char and Roy .

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Explain… you are a self-proclaimed Atheist!

Thanks everyone we took a drive down 41 saw the nation’s smallest post office and lots of other interesting local historic sites.

About 100 yards down the road we stopped at Joannie’s Crab Shack out in the middle of nowhere. … the place was packed. She asked us if we wanted to eat, I said we would like to start with a couple of beers she says “Honey, we are on the honor system here, the beers are over there, ya’ll help yourself, if you plan on getting too drunk to remember how many you had just save your caps and we will count them for you when you’re ready to leave.” :)The food looked fantastic…frog legs, Gator bites, crab cakes, soft shell blue crab sandwiches, grouper sandwiches . generous portions. Next time down that way we will be stopping to eat!

Nice to see some still operate this way
( Honey, we are on the honor system here, )
I bet they are always busy, Good for them and you too .