"Homeowner has tried EVERYTHING to stop water..."

…“Most of what they tried has been exterior”… landscaping company did french drain etc etc.

Hey dude umm, what you left out was they did NOT waterproof the exterior wall in that area!!!
Why didn’t YOU bring this to homeowners attention, ya skeeeeeeeeered of hand-digging?


See the plastic sheeting they plop against INTERIOR block wall? lololllooollllllll
THIS is not waterproofing, never has been, never will be.

I bet waterproofing that exterior wall and 1–2’ around corner costs a lot less $$ than the water-diverting blllshttt they installed.

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This dolt didn’t bring up waterproofing the exterior because his method is the easy method and allows him to realize the most profit! Who cares that the problem is not solved and the basement can still smell musty. Just a band aid.
(BTW,I always enjoy your posts, Mark)

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indeed sir.