Has anybody used that ferret inspection camera

Has any body used the ferret inspection camera it looks like it is definitely worth money. Thinking about buying it. Thanks in advance.

Lotsa people, search word “ferret” use the magnifying glass in the header bar.

We have several of them. We find them very useful.

Thank you. I think I am going to another backup one too. My first one is on the way.

Before you buy the second one you should probably use the first a couple of times. The window displayed in the photograph can be pretty narrow and difficult to determine orientation (up/down) when used in a wall. You should also buy some “fish sticks” to extend the Ferret.

If you use a camera pole (rigid) with the flexible extension provided it will be difficult to orient the Ferret at a right angle. Best results can be obtained by building a right angle adapter (1/4 " 20 thread). Your phone takes better pictures than the Ferret.

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We have a few of them and they can be useful. The newer version has an improved lighting feature from what I have seen. We use them in chimneys, flues, and places we just cant fit! One of my inspectors used it to look in an attic by pushing it up inside a closet that had an air duct with space enough for it to fit beside it! Home had no attic access. I have used it to look in a short crawlspace by poking it in the foundation vents. The image is not a 12mp, but it is good enough to include in a report.

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