Potentially useful software?

Hey folks,

I just ran across this bit of software and thought it might be potentially helpful to a home inspector (although I’m not quite sure how). It lets you measure anything in a picture as long as you include a 7-inch reference square in the picture. I don’t know if anyone will find it interesting, but I thought I’d post a link:



I find it interesting and will use it sometime.:wink:

Thanks, Chris.


I didn’t know that software like this existed. It shows you what kind of a Dinosaur I am. For me this would be great, Thanks for the link.

That is cool but I dont know how the home inspector would make it pay for itself. If it was free I would play with it but not for $120.00

Yeah–you’re probably right, Todd. At most it’d probably be a novelty. I didn’t really look at the site very closely; I just read an article about it and thought of y’all.



Keep thinking of us. We need all the help we can get. (at least I do)