Has anyone used Angie's List?

I currently use home advisor as I am a pretty new business under a year old. I do pretty good with it but it gets very expensive when I get crap leads. People not even looking for a complete home inspection. And they will not remove them for me!!!

I’m wondering about Angie’s list? They keep calling me to ad me as the highest rated inspector in my area and most preferred. One inspection a month would pay fo the service so it seems like a no brainier. But I’m wondering if anyone has any input on success with this platform? Thanks!

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Just an FYI, HomeAdvisor owns Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a money pit and they are miserable to deal with.

If you ever get a complaint and want to counter same it will be a long and uphill battle.

Do some WWW searches about many people having problems with Angie’s List.

Personally in my 17-years I’ve never seen where any such offerings work well in favor of the inspector.


I have been on Angie’s List for many years and the super service award winner yearly. The response was good until they were taken over by Home Adviser. Since then, leads have dried up and they are terrible to work with. I am stopping my add at the end of the year.

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You think Home Advisor is expensive… I used Angie’s list and I figure I lost about $1,110. They said I could plan to receive about 3 to 4 jobs a week- well- it was 3 to 4 jobs over 3 months! I sent a complaint to the B.B.B and as you could probably guess, that went nowhere. My advice-- DON’T USE ANGIE’S LIST! You get stuck paying for the full year at 30% if you want to leave.

Angie sucks, period

I would stay far away from Angie’s List. I was told that I would receive at least 40 leads per week if I spent $500 per month. I didn’t receive one lead. I cancelled after the first month and now they are trying to charge a $1,600 early termination fee. I would use Thumbtack if you want to try a service.

I am on home advisor and they send me leads from angie’s list also. No point in joining both

I’m glad you posted this. I have been having Conversations with Home Advisor for a while now. And while it sounds like a great setup. But it is way too expensive for me at this point. and I think that if I could afford it I wouldn’t need it because I would be working enough.

Seems like most of the referral “services” are more of a racket than what they report to be. I even got the squeeze from a big real estate agency that has a “Preferred” vendor program. in order to be “Preferred” you had to pay this big fee. It included advertising etc supposedly. I was even asked point blank in the office by the secretary, “Do you give kickbacks to the agents that use you?”
I was flabbergasted. I politely explained that, that sort of thing was expressly forbidden by the InterNACHI and ASHI codes of conduct. I don’t think that I won any friends that day.