Has anyone ever used Home Advisor?

Has anyone ever used home advisor for home inspection leads? If you have what was your experience

It works a little in some areas and not in other areas.

Most here think scam, is what I read.


defective, deceptive and fraudulent



A lot of threads regarding HA.

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My take on Home Advisor, and Angie’s List (same parent company) is they are a snake and if you play with a snake long enough eventually you will get bit.


I don’t normally want to share my experience with Home Advisor but today is a new day.

So here is my experience with Home Advisor. Pretty quickly after I filed with my state to form my business I received a call from Home Advisor. This was before I was associated with InterNACHI. The salesman was very convincing and for a new business owner marketing was going to be a hurdle because I was still at my previous career. The upfront cost seemed high but at the time I thought this could be good, leads will be sent to me. Sounds great doesn’t it. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that in real life. In 6 months I received a grand total of 3 leads each of which cost me cash, ZERO resulted in an inspection. And when you dig into the leads zero were real leads, 1 was for something that wasn’t even a home inspection. Nobody answered when I called them back. I was so frustrated that I cancelled it outright no matter what sales pitch they gave me. I marked it up as stupid tax and moved on with life.

Some people will say they have had great success with Home Advisor. But those that claim success have paid a lot in time and money to have that success. So is it really worth it? Only you can decide. Some will have an experience similar to mine but they don’t get out early enough and lose a lot of time, and money and have an increase in frustration. There is a reason they contact new businesses.

In comparison, most people don’t use Nextdoor and I see why, I had never thought of it and I don’t focus on Nextdoor or pay for ads, but I have received 3 actual paying inspections from 1 recommendation. When you get an inspection, if you haven’t already, perform well and get recommendations from your clients.

If you need help marketing I would suggest staying away from the Home Advisors of the world and take advantage of the wealth of information provided by InterNACHI.


I second Tony!

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The dirty little secret with Home Advisor is that you are paying for the same leads as at least a half a dozen other inspectors. There is absolutely no way to confirm that the leads are current or even any good. If you want to pay a third party to compete with inspectors you are already competing with go right ahead. Moreover, Home Advisor has had lawsuits over misrepresentation from both consumers and Home Inspectors.


And virtually every other trade they ‘represent’!


I used them once and got burned by so many bad leads highly do not recommend it


Thank you all for your advice!

I have recently received a flurry of referrals from Nextdoor. Apparently, someone posted something nice about me. Truthfully, I had never heard of it before last month.

I am not sure if advertising on there would have the same affect.

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Yes I used them for 2years. It was agony. You pay them whether you get the job or not. When someone uses home adviser to, let’s say, get an estimate for checking for gas leak and they send it to you. Well you still pay and they make it very difficult to get it reversed (BTW - you get a credit, not a refund). It was truly a waste of time.

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It is at best, a place to “hang your sign” for about $100+/month, which isn’t so bad. Those fees, as noted above, are paying for unqualified leads along with a bunch of competitors. When laying out your budget for marketing, I would include that as one of your marketing expenditures. You will at least break even.

I second basically everyone else. Hot garbage. They will
1: Farm the lead out to a bunch of other people each paying about $20-$30 for the privilege of jumping through their butts to call the customer back from a roof or crawlspace.
2: Once you call to ask why you keep missing the lead they’ll kindly upsell you the “premium” software upgrade to get the lead preferentially faster (basically, if you don’t get the premium package you’ll be behind everyone that pays extra but you’ll still pay the normal lead fee for the privilege of being put at the back of the line).
3: Lead quality sucks in the first place. All shoppers looking for the lowest price. Be prepared to discount your service 30% as a regular part of doing business there. Also, as mentioned, you’ll get calls for people looking for plumbers, roofers, dog catchers, lawnscapers etc. Lead quality sucks. Once you do a cost analysis, you will spend more than the leads bring in.
4: In your service contract you are signing away your marketing IP for their use so they also get to use your name, website, phone number, etc to put themselves higher in search results so they get clicked before people find your actual business site. So they also compete with you for normal leads.

Rant over. There is, of course more but that’s a good once over. The sooner HA and Angie’s list disappear the better. Oh, Angie’s list is the same company so you can pay for service there to compete against yourself as well. At the end of the day, I would hate to see what Zillow did to Realtors happen to Home Inspectors.

Sorry… Gimmick free since 2003. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Beware of Porch.com and the Thumbtack app, too

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You would be much better served placing that same $100 into a Google Adwords campaign!!

Welcome back to our forum, Thom and Paul!..Enjoy! :smile:

Agreed, and as I said, …" include that as one of your marketing expenditures." Marketing will be key to your success.