Got a call from some salesman with homeadvisor.com today. Anybody have any experience with them?


Personally, no, but there are several threads on this around the board.

As a Home Inspector, the service has limited value …
Tried it several times when it was Service Magic many years ago.

For my Contracting Business,… http://www.mrdryervent.com
Home Advisor is the best form of marketing…
Superior to Angie’s List and other formats in so many ways…

I don’t recommend it! I was with them when I started my biz.

Don’t recommend it either - costly…

Told the guy I thought it was expensive for a site I had never heard of.

See this


Or Pissed off consumer
Or Goggle Home Advisor complaints

Be very careful what you sign, they can legally own your site if your not careful what you sign up for, then take all your leads and sell them back to you and 4 other guys.

Be careful with this company](http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/directory/home-advisor)

I’ll tell them to get bent if they call back.

Not to be rude but your web site could use some work. Not much information at all. If I was a client and I came across your site I would move on.

Yeah I know. Just used weebly to set it up recently. Needs a lot of work.

Do a google search. There is a way you can remove the footer on the free Weebly site by adding some code. That would be one no cost improvement.

It’s pay per lead with crappy leads

Used to be with them when they were Service Magic.
They were great… 5 years ago.
Then they got BIG & aggressive, meaning they’d send out leads that were not in my category.
Trying to get a credit was always a fight.
I dropped them. Then they sent me to a collection agency for the $82 of leads that were bogus/out of my category.
I told the collection agency the truth, no way I would pay. they hung up on me.
Never heard anything more.

IMO they suck wind.

Service Majic…oh great. that’s all I need to know… Run don’t walk…

Even a good national maintenance company will impose their own doctrine(s) , coercing good tradesmen.

They are middle men who’s shtick is* ‘good,fast,cheap’*

pick two, all three only exist in sales pitches