Have you all been receiving your check$ from our Owens Corning project promptly?

Regarding InterNACHI’s www.nachi.org/roof project… have you all been receiving your check$ promptly?

What length of time from the uploading of the data & photos and the UPS shipping date of the two shingles and receiving the check would you define as “promptly”?

1-2 weeks

Checks? Not even one job opportunity. West Virginia is a third world country!

Just sent shingles and submitted info on my first job. This was a winner!! Every time I tried to release the bond, the shingle would flake/tear/or just plain shred at the bottom. Owner was happy on what I did and his neighbor had same problem repaired on a OC roof. 1.5 hours, only because of bond issue.

Will let you know on check timeliness.

Well, it goes through a Fortune 500 company, so I would say if your check comes within 30 days, you are being paid promptly. Are you?

Yes. I received the check on my 1st data collection job within that time frame.

I submitted my 2nd data collection 19 days ago on 7/9. We’ll see how long this check takes.

I received the check on my first job within two weeks, it was for $150.00 but that last job I did it took about 3 month and the first payment came as $25 and I received another check about two months later for $125, I had forgot about it by then

Yes, I have been receiving my checks promptly.


I have done 3 jobs so far and the checks have all taken about 2 weeks. I consider that prompt.

Yes, and the time frame seems to be getting quicker- usually within two weeks.

Yes, I get them in a reasonable amount of time. I enjoy the roof inspections. Simple, easy money… Kelsea Lewis is always a pleasure to work with. I would like to receive more of them.

1-2 weeks after they get shingles. :mrgreen:

Yep! I have done 2 roof jobs for OC and received the checks within two weeks after mailing the 2 shingle sample back.

I have done two Roofing jobs this year and both took 2 months to get paid from the date I performed the work to the day I received the check. Both took a number of emails to get the checks or I don’t think I would have gotten them.

Yes, within 30 days.

Chris York

I have been getting my checks in 1 to 2 weeks which I think is awesome. I do some inspections for some companies out west and it takes them 60 days sometimes. So for a national company to be under 2 weeks I am very happy with

I have had no problem with getting my checks, takes a couple of weeks but that was expected at the start of the program.

Only thing I have a problem with is that job orders never have the information on what type of shingle or the color. This means I have to make two trips, because most of the time the client has no idea what they have.

If that could be solved I am fine with the program.

The answer is **NO. **I did a job on February 11, 2014 and the samples were received by Owns Corning on February 14, 2014. As of today, August 1, 2014 no payment has been received for this work.
I did three other jobs that I did receive payment for, but only after much correspondence with Kelsea and Ben. The pay is way too low for the time required to do the work. And it appears that we are expected to do it for free. I think I have been dropped from the program since I have had no job requests in the past two months.

Yes, I have received them not long after sending in the samples.