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Who’s the pretty girl next to that great looking guy in the purple shirt!? Great to see everyone! Thanks Ben!

I have seen the guy in the purple shirt before. I think he was on LOGO TV…Something about living an alternative lifestyle kinda show. That girl I think is just his “front”…She is cute though.

I personally think this Owens Corning gig is the hard work of InterNachi trying to expand the income for inspectors. OC has been performing these inspections for years and years, but instead of a biased observation (roofers) why not pay a person who is unbiased and knowledgeable in their findings and has no financial compensation based on the outcome.

So its not a ‘new’ program, just a new audience to try and determine if this is the proper direction and the proper people to perform the inspections.

Most likely the hard work of Ben, Mack and the team trying to make things better for the Home Inspectors…but that is just a guess.

I enjoyed it. Met a lot of nice people. Even the one in the purple shirt:mrgreen:

Um…that’s P. Nathan Thornberry. He’s been called a lot of things, but he’s still a dude and and I don’t think “pretty” is one of them.

Oh! Nevermind, I see Pilar, now. I was a little worried for you and Nathan.

Curious as to what you all think of the compensation per job for this pilot. 100 to 140 which was mentioned last night. Personally, and maybe it’s just me because I’m busy but, seems like a lot of running around. Look at it this way, according to Ben, 5 or 6 persons in the same geographical area will be receiving a text message with the option to take the job. The first to hit the send button on the phone gets it. That means you will not get all of them. Just how many will be going out to that area you’re in? Two or three a week? More? Seems to me that if you only pick up at most two or three a week, it wouldn’t be worth the gas. That’s just me and my personal circumstances of course. Everyone is different. Think about it, call the homeowner, schedule the visit, drive out to the job, climb the roof, take pictures, measure the roof area, pull two shingle strips, replace the two strips with new ones from your truck, mail the two shingle strips, and fill out the online questionnaire and send to Owens Corning. You guys know what your time is worth. You tell me.

Please don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a criticism of Internachi or Ben. I do believe they are doing this for the membership. I’m just trying to figure this out from a cost of doing business perspective. I mean, if they were to give you a list of addresses and you worked off of that and had maybe 15 or 20 to go to, maybe it would be feasible. I just don’t see it here under these circumstances. Just my opinion and again not being judgmental against Internachi or Ben. So, please no flaming here just an open discussion. Thanks.


Also, how often does OC need these services?

The big advantages of this program IMHO are:

  1. There are many of these inspections. Way more than Wind Mits in FL. And they’ll keep coming, forever.
  2. You can do them when you have time, between home inspections.
  3. You don’t have to take every inspection offered.
  4. You can do them when you are nearby.
  5. You aren’t making any determinations.
  6. You aren’t generating a report.
  7. They can be done fairly quickly. I see it as 20 minutes onsite.
  8. The fee is nothing to sneeze at $100-$140 for the time they take to do.
  9. The fee is paid quickly and guaranteed.
  10. InterNACHI is administering the program, so you have me 24/7 if there are any issues (and there will be, we never get it perfect out of the chute).

Way more than wind mits and 20 minutes a pop. Please sign me up for 20 a day Mon-Fri :slight_smile:

I might start enjoying this occupation again.

I never cease to be amazed at what InterNACHI does for its members.

I do have some serious thoughts about who and how we will get the assignments but I am waiting to see what happens before discussing my concerns.

Not trying to be argumentative Nick. But realistically it’s a bot more than 20 minutes onsite. It’s travel time and its uploading information, again more time. And unless you happen to be next to a post office or FedEx or UPS office or a drop off, then it’s more travel time involved. All in all you’re probably closer to an hour and change before its all said and done.

Again, I’m not saying its not a good program and will be good for some. But definitely not for everyone. Again, your and Ben’s efforts are always well received but, I’m just opening up a constructive dialogue for those that are interested to make a good informed and based on reality and real world scenario decisions.


Agree beret, but here is the kicker. It’s your OPTION. Why not do them? Some people who can pick up 5-6 a month won’t mind the extra $500-$700 a month…nice car payment…

I did not go to the meeting, but how do I sign-up?

“Way more than Wind Mits in FL. And they’ll keep coming, forever.”

How’s that? I thought these were for warranty claims…can’t be that many of them.

Zillions. And many of the claims O.C. gets are for products that aren’t even theirs.

In addressing Bert’s concerns. You have some valid points and I suppose that once you do a few then you will figure out if it works for you or not. Job scheduling is all about optimizing your route for any particular day. Everyone once in a while I have to take a hit for the team but overall my routing and scheduling is pretty optimized to make my bottom line the best it can be and sometimes pick up and squeeze in an extra wm or 4 pt or something. Just icing on the cake.

I can live with Zillions, maybe I’ll get a few…lol

I could not agree more about scheduling :wink:

There is or is going to be a course we have to take so I IMAGINE that you will be able to sign in once you take the course.

We filled out a slip and I am sure even you with your minimal connections can get on the list :wink:

Hell maybe you can write the course.

I just might write another coarse, just so you can argue with me about it.

Maybe, How to piss off a meeker in one easy step.