Have you all seen the new proposed wind mit form?

No it is not.

It’s just more inspections!

That is the only way to look at it.

Where did you come up with this?

I agree as well! When would it go into effect?

Does the change in the form really surprise anyone??? Really!

With the last form change, in combination with the re-inspection program, has a fiscal forecast to increase Citizen’s wind premiums receivables by $23 million AND a decrease in policies and exposure. The $23 million doesn’t include the overall premium increases authorized a few months ago. These points, coupled with the Gov.'s thought of privatizing Citizen’s is part of the business plan.

If you reduce exposure and raise a company’s gross profit overnight then put them up for sale…you fetch a bigger price.

I hope you’re kidding. I was thinking at least $200. $75 is far too cheap now.

I agree that the form is ignorant and contradictory between sections 1&2 and the rest. But, more work, more money, and hopefully will further weed out those unqualified to do them.

If you look here, though, form #2 is far better:


The OIR. They keep me in the loop for some reason.

I guess it is all my griping :slight_smile:

I had seen it some time ago but just saw it again and decided to post it.

Same inspection our company does now. I could still do 10 a day

I would rather we worked smarter and not harder.

To many things in the new form have no reason except because they wanna. They want more info on things that will not affect the premium and all the sheep just baaaa and follow along.

It really gets my goat :slight_smile:

My biggest problem with the 1802 is that if you aren’t going to get a discount, why is it on the form?

I suspect, if one wanted to, you could get all of the information on one page, then just add the signature page and that would be it.

Hip roof: Yes/No etc…

A person who does them CORRECTLY will not notice much difference from what they were doing before this “proposed” form.


Of the hundreds of these that I have done, I have to say I never once felt like my life was in danger, just saying
I also whole heartedly agree with Russell and John:D

To the point I made before. IF the report ONLY showed the RESULTS of the wind mitigation instead of all the possibilities and training info then it WOULD be only one page and much easier to read. Just like the report for all the reinspections that Citizens is doing…the report has ONE first addendum page where they just show the results of the reinspection and THEN the actual 1802 form follows the one page just because. :wink:

If anyone is interested in knowing what this form would actually look like just e-mail me personally.

We are charging $100.00 for W/M now with Comprehensive Home Inspection CHI . The extra work can easily justify another $25 - $50.00 w/CHI. $175.00 by itself. However, when competing with low baller’s is another story. Never had an issue regarding the cost when the W/M is done along with the CHI for my clients. This week all my inspection include a W/M ($100.00) add on.

John and Russ: Never heard anything back from you guys regarding our Mold Assessment Report??? + Others.

Exactally. Some just will not get it and figure they need as many words as possible and pretty pictures and such to justify prices.

I guess old habits die hard.

If it is not necessary and does the client no good and does not have any effect on the clients premiums then it should not be on the form.

Many of you seem to think it is the insurance companies who decide this. It is the job of the OIR and they just follow along with what the insurance people say because no one speaks up or stands up for inspectors.’

The great majority just kis-s their a-s and goosestep in line and thank them for the privilege of doing their work.

Have not have time to review it yet

Here is an e-mail I got when I asked about the new form.

"There will be a new form but I doubt that it will be issued in August.
We are working now with OIR to finalize the new version, the one attached to your e-mail is only one of the versions being considered.
I believe the final version will be different from this one and it should be really much easier to use.

William H. York, President
WHYork Consulting "


Thanks for the info. It is appreciated :slight_smile:

Now if we can all work together to get rid of the unsafe practice of not awarding credits without useless photos. Lets be proactive and keep someone from dying trying to photograph a nail.

I hope for the homeowners that this is not the final version. It looks like no consideration (discount) for wall construction or gable end bracing. Hurricane Charlie proved that reinforced walls and proper gable end bracing worked. This form seems to indicate that Building Code dates are all that they are going to use.