Have you ever

Seen a chicken with its Butt to a strong wind its feathers look like the flashing on this chimney. The seller originally had a flat roof removed and a pitched one installed. The installer was not a roofer because he did not understand counter flashing

Picky-picky! At least the poor sap installed a cricket! :mrgreen:

That guy should get together with this guy and together they might have a chance of getting it right. :slight_smile:

“…recommend correction by an ornithologist with experience in meat processing and roof repair…”

The winds sure are getting fierce that’s for sure. I had to wait a few minutes before I went down my ladder. No cricket on this one Jeff.

Observation. The counter flashing that is required to be installed under every shingle did not have a flashing atop.
The roof and chimney move independently, expand and contract.
each component should be separately flashed.

NOTE. There should be an empty space between the two components, the rood deck, roof framing and the chimney.
That gap is recommended to be 1" to allow expansion and contraction of both/all materials.

Recommend install a flashing on the chimney.
Hope that helps.

Charley, with that gap at saddle to chase what did interior area below it in house look like ?

Surprisingly enough it looked good it was new and we have had virtually no rain

Sorry, I did not realize it was your thread Charley.
I would not have posted.

New building, The masons stained the shingles.
I always trapped what was below the scaffold, including windows and sills.

Yes it needs counter flashing.

Did You put some duct tape on it for them while You were up there ?

Sorry I don’t keep ducks just horses:p:D;-)

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