Have you seen this?

Have any of you seen the letter that went out at least a year ago that stated if the insurance company did not accept the wind mitigation report from a qualified inspector that the insurance company must send someone on their own dime?

If you have it please post it or email it to me.

Thanks in advance.

I would also appreciate getting a copy…and I’ll pass it on as well.

Ted, Have you seen the letter I am talking about?

I got one but can’t remember where I put it.

At this point I would just like to know someone else has seen it.

I will not tell on whoever provides the info.

I will never tell the mighty Citizen’s that it was you. I promise. Do not be scared :slight_smile:

Mike------it may have been on the Florida Inspection Forums…did you try on search on here ? I remember seeing it as well but have no idea where it went…:shock: go figure at my age ! :slight_smile:


I blame Citizen’s. I thought I had it saved.

May be it was your Lenovoe’s fault

Could be. They are damn sure shady enough and should have the technology to make that stuff just disappear.

Probably some high tech built in self destruct code.