Need some help understanding Certification

I know that in order to become certified you have to take and pass the standards of practice exam and the code of ethics exam. Well when it comes to the Inspectors exam, do you recommend taking what block of courses? And are the mock inspections required or no? This is kind of a dumb question but I wanna be sure. Last but not least, would you be considered a certified member or a certified inspector? Or is there a difference? Thanks

Our inspection courses are all free… so take them all:

But if you like structure in your curriculum and like to do things in order, go here and get your CPI:

Then go here: and get any individual certifications that you want.

I plan on taking them all at some point but your reply does not really answer my question. Sorry. And I do like structure. Thanks for that.

OK. Let me try again.

Our inspection courses are all free… so take them all:

If you’ve never done a fee-paid inspection, yes. See the link I posted:


No, not with regard to requirements. But with regard to marketing, SEO, etc., it is better to be a certified inspector.