Hayes Microbial Consulting

Has anyone used this company before for mold sample reporting? If so, what is your experience with them. I am considering switching over to them. Their pricing is very competitive.

I have been using them for years for my mold testing clients.
I am a Certified Mold Inspector and love working with them. The rates are very competitive, but more importantly, they are efficient, very knowledgeable, easy to work with and will help if you need information in a pinch. The reports are easy to read and easy to explain to the client.
I HIGHLY recommend them!
Tell them Mold Testing & Consulting sent you!

Been using them a couple years now, no problems!

Hi John who were you using?

And welcome Jo! :slight_smile:

If you are still undecided I would GO with Hayes. I switched from Pro Lab to Hays and have been very pleased with their service and response to any question I might have.

I like the fact you do not have to prepay lab fees, you pay as you go.