Head and Shoulders Inspection

I had a client just request a Head and Shoulders Inspection for tomorrow. I had never heard of that specifically before, I’ve only been in the inspection business for about 6 months though. I asked a good realtor friend and she said it was something related to FHA loans but usually appraisers do them, so I’m not sure if it’s just a normal home inspection… or just a view of the attic? In the report would I just note that the client only requested an attic inspection?

Or… is this something I decline to do specific for the client?

Thank you!!

Limited access to attic inspections by appraisers for FHA loans. Just getting their heads and shoulders will suffice for their inspection for an appraisal.


That’s for FHA appraisals. It’s DUMB.
Attic & crawl from head & shoulders only.


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Thanks guys! So is it something we “can” do…or leave it for the appraiser and only full inspections per the SOP? That’s where I’m torn.

Thanks again, Nick

Nick, many times the clients get confused in the process. You need to verify with the client if the FHA requested the inspection and if so, who do they expect to perform it. As stated, this is generally something done in the appraisal process of the loan by an appraiser. I would start with the client to get further clarification as to who asked and why.


This is a perfect response. Thank you!

If it’s the only function requested, I would do it… … … BUT
The agreement would state exactly what the client is requesting & they understand and agree there is absolutely no assurance and warranty to be expected from such a limited request.
I would even put in there it is requested against the advice of the inspector.

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Not only do appraisers do this for FHA, they also do it for VA transactions. Problem is, they usually have no clue what they are looking at… I went rounds with one a few years ago when I sold a house. He waited till I lit him up AT CLOSING to give full approval for the loan. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Especially since Appraisals are now heavily regulated. BEWARE!!

Story time:
A while back an appraiser with son in training, showed up at a home I was doing a full SOP inspection on. They came and went in 20-30 minutes. He said he used to be a home inspector and got into appraisals because home inspecting was such hard work. I said, while standing on my ladder, actually looking into the attic from the master closet scuttle hole; I used to be a builder and got into home inspecting because hands on construction was such hard work and when I get older maybe I should be an appraiser like him. We both had a laugh and got on with our day. By the way, neither of them ever looked in the attic. No “head and shoulders” included in the appraisal that day. Based on their time on site they could barely have confirm the county assessors data. I agree with others. Definitely have client clarify what their expectations are. Make sure it’s clearly defined in the agreement/contract.

I was approved by HUD in 2015 to complete final inspections. Recently I have learned that I am no longer qualified until I become certified by the ICC. I’m not sure why I have to shell out hundreds of dollars to take additional tests? HUD is a joke in my opinion.

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