Head metal flashing above windows?

I am uncertain as to if the white strip across the top of the window frame is the head metal flashing. I have not seen a window with this on it.

The flashing will be done at the wood frame wall behind the brick. The nailing fin gets flashed (ref ASTM E-2112 and AAMA-2200). There should be a steel lintel above the window and that should be flashed (ref: IRC R703.7.5). I can’t tell if there is a lintel, weep holes or lintel flashing in your picture. I only see about 10% of new construction in out area that shows flashing at the lintel. I write up 90% of new houses for lack of flashing at the lintel.

Richard, that looks like a “head expander”. Were they replacement windows? This is not the best pic but if you look closely at the top you’ll see a “U” shaped channel thats the expander.

head expander.jpg

The lintel was not flashed. Thanks for clarifying. Since this was an 87 build the weep holes will not be there as they did not require them at that time. I see quite a bit of flashing on the lintel’s in Katy new construction though.

Thanks Ken. You are correct. This was a replacement window and that was a head expander.