Z metal head flashing above wdws and drs

any explantion as to why the builder would install the z metal head flashing above this door but not above these windows?

pick as many as needed

  1. they still buy the myth windows are self-flashing
  2. incompetent labor
  3. incompetent labor supervision
  4. incompetent bldg inspector
  5. material shortage
  6. all of the above

and that is all there is to say about that.

Where is the lintel flashing?
Looks like they sealed it.

For the same reason they used a 2&1/2" brick, returned the brick at the doorway, but not at the window and second floor corner.
Staight joints.
Probably isn’t any flashing Bob. :slight_smile:

nit picking are we


Oh, I forgot the sliver above the soldier course, but that’s another story. :mrgreen::wink:

it is what is gonna be LURKING behind some day that is the real problem

but that dead horse has been beat

Maybe want to ask him or her why they did not install the linet bearing properly also.
I would look at the other wall opening as well for defective lintel bearing.
The length of lintel required is calculated by establishing the total width of the structural opening and adding 150mm end bearing allowance for each end. For example, an 1800mm structural opening will require a 2100mm lintel.
another; Masonry veneer shall not support any vertical load other than the dead load of the veneer above. Veneer above openings shall be supported on lintels of noncombustible materials. The lintels shall have a length of bearing not less than 4 inches (102 mm). Steel lintels shall be shop coated with a rust-inhibitive paint, except for lintels made of corrosion-resistant steel or steel treated with coatings to provide corrosion resistance. Construction of openings shall comply with either Section R703.7.3.1 or 703.7.3.2.

As Barr stated, it all wrong.
National House Building Council. Any one have any links on these guys?
Just getting back into the swing of things and would love some links.
Thanks in advance.

Thanks fellas. Just wanted to make sure I was not imagining things.

Richard I suspect a double Wyeth wall.
Any other comments?