Health Insurance Coverage


I wanted to reach out and tell you how pleased I am with the Healthcare Alternative you have provided us.

My healthcare plan with Humana was discontinued and the new plan was over $1100.00 per month.
I did further research with other plans and found them to be over $600.00 per month for myself and my wife.

WendyScipione at 855-816-4650 ext 306, with the InterNACHI plan came up with $349.00 per month which was even lower than what I had been paying last year as a single client. What an incredible price these days for quality healthcare where we can avoid the poorly administrated “ObamaCare” the government is ramming down our throats.

I can’t thank you enough for all the time you have put into making our Association strong with such great benefits. I wish there was more I could do for the association to repay you, Ben and your staff for the hard work you do to provide us with these kind of benefits and other opportunities to be successful in this business.

Again, Many Thanks!

Bill Schaefer :wink:

Do you have a link?.. what is covered and conditions, etc.?

I believe this is it.

Here is the InterNACHI deal:

There are some forthcoming benefits to using the InterNACHI porthole.

On a side note, I met a guy and his wife at an InterNACHI chapter event. She showed me a 2015 accounting that resulted in just over $8,000.00 worth of savings from all the discounts and deals InterNACHI membership provides: That’s $8,000.00 real money in their pockets. Now if their business is on a 25% gross margin, that $8,000.00 is equivalent to $32,000.00 in additional sales. Membership is $499. If you see a home inspector who is a non-member… you’re looking at an idiot.

This is why I love this message board.

Does anyone have any claim experience with this coverage? Good, bad or indifferent?

Glad I stumbled on this tonight, can we move this thread to the special discounts section or members only?


Does it meets the the Affordable Care Act requirements for MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage)?
If you have MEC, you don’t have to pay the fee (penalty tax) for being uninsured.

It says it does on the website.

It claims to be a sharing system which may be exempt under ACA.



So after researching, I see this is a Health Sharing deal. My question is the link provided takes you to My Academy of Health Excellence which seems to run all their programs through Liberty Health Share. MAoHE adds to LHS fees. So, my question is, why not bypass MAoHE and deal directly with LHS and save yourself some money?

What is the deductible ?

Can’t say anything about this particular provider but even though the overall concept of “Health Sharing Plans” are good they have significant issues. I know two people now who have had bad experiences. One does not fit the “Typical” healthy profile but has almost never seen a doctor in their life (healthy as a horse as the saying goes). The health share plan this person is on now wants them to lose weight to some BS level because they don’t fit the charts of what is suppose to be healthy. This person is being hounded by supposed “Personal Coaches” who are significantly intruding on their life in the name of “monitoring their progress” to reach the health share plans requirements. If they don’t meet their requirements they’re out of the program.

The other person had long ago previous conditions that are no longer present for almost as long. They were denied entry into the program because they were considered “a bad risk”.

The concept is good and I do understand trying to control their costs. However the impression I get is many of these type programs only want “The beautiful people” to join. Make sure you know what is excluded, what is required of you to stay included, and what can get you excluded from their plan. Low premium prices don’t always equal a good deal especially when you don’t know how the plan operates.

Any updates on the quality of service received by this group?